Failure to Cycle

Give non-cycling cows 2 ml of Nature’s Cycle H Tincture once a day until they cycle, at which point, stop giving them the tincture and have them inseminated or bred immediately.
Most cows given Nature’s Cycle H tend to cycle within 5 to 10 days. After 14 days of treatment they are unlikely to cycle.

The surprised farmer feedback on Nature’s Cycle H is amusing. It is a sleeper product that can have powerful effects. If you’re treating more than 5 cows at once, consider getting the Whole Lot Applicator kit to make the job of administering the tinctures much faster.

However, the most powerful way to ensure your cows cycle well is to feed them extremely well as calves and heifers and indulge them with the best, most generous feed you have when they are in their dry cow period. Excellent nutrition is key.

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