Use of the Tinctures

Dr Dettloff’s tinctures are alcohol based extracts of various plants. They function most effectively when applied to a mucus membrane where they are readily absorbed into the blood and lymph systems. The cow’s mucus membranes occur in their eyes, mouth, nose, vagina and anus. NZ ACVM regulations require that the remedy labels specify applying any alternative treatment like these onto the outside of the cow or into her mouth = orally.

Most farmers indicate that they find it safer and quicker to insert the tinctures into the cow’s vulva/ vagina. However, be aware that some of the tinctures, like CEG and Quad Support have ‘hot’ plant materials in them such as garlic and cayenne. The cow is likely to look at you indignantly and walk around with a raised tail for several minutes after application to the vagina.

The tinctures work equally well, regardless of which mucus membrane you choose to administer them to. It’s just that the mouth and fanny are most practical and least upsetting to the cow.

Tinctures can be combined and administered in a single dose or as successive doses of 4 to 6 ml. For example, you can combine Will John, Arnica and First Step tinctures and give to a recently calved cow that had a difficult delivery. You would administer 6mls of each tincture to a large cow.

Combining CEG and Quad Support tinctures, 3ml of each in a single dose, is a good way to get a broad spectrum of plant bio-chemicals into cows with udder infections.

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