Nature's Cycle H
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Nature's Cycle H

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Cohosh, Clover and Yam combine in this tincture which may promote re-establishment of the cow's natural hormone balance.

Administer 2ml once a day to non-cycling cows. Farmers using it indicate that most cows will cycle within 5 to 10 days.

Cease using the Tincture when the cow cycles and breed immediately. Cease treating any non-cycling cow after 14 days as they’re unlikely to cycle.

“One of my staff with 35 years conventional farming experience was raving excitedly about the results of using True Health’s Nature’s Cycle H on our 16 non-cyclers and how they were all coming into season! Why don’t farmers use this stuff more? It works! And is so much cheaper than CIDRs! Smiles all round!”

Kym Davey

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