With udder infections remember - that unless the infection is already a raging mess when you find it, you may be able to clear it up simply by using 6 ml of CEG or CEG/Quad Support combo twice a day. With mild cases try just the tinctures first for 24 hours and if the milk is clearing up and the cow looks brighter, simply continue the tincture treatment for several more days until she is completely clear. If there is no change after 24 hours, continue with the tincture(s) and apply Savvy Udder to the outside of the affected quarter twice a day. If still no progress, use the Utter Relief squeegee applicator while continuing the tinctures.

Utter Relief once a day is usually enough to reverse infections. It may take several days of Utter Relief with nastier cases. Best to strip out the treated quarter to see what is happening in there and certainly strip thoroughly before putting on the cups. It is preferable to give Utter Relief treated milk to calves and it is best NOT PUT IN THE TANK if the milk is going into cheese making.

I strongly recommend that if you’re using Utter Relief you make the investment in giving the cow oral Aloe Vera 100ml as well. Aloe is an amazing immune system booster with its special plant biochemical, acemannan.

If the infection is not clearing up after 4 to 5 days, it is probably time for antibiotics, but I would counsel you to continue at least the CEG tincture and ideally Aloe for a week or two as a supportive therapy to help the cow’s immune system recover. Not cheap but if you’re planning on keeping an antibiotic cow in a conventional herd afterwards, using aloe is making an investment in the immune recovery and longevity of that cow. 

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