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First Step

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First Step contains Caulophyllum, Garlic, Goldenseal and Calendula to help fight minor infections and support the immune system post-calving.

First Step is used in combination with Fresh Cow Bolus and Aloe. For dealing with dirty cows, purchase all three products.

Start using the above products if there is still membrane hanging after 24 hours post calving. DO NOT WAIT longer. You’re just giving the infection more time to get a hold and weaken the cow’s own immune response. Often times a single administration early on is all it takes to avoid a full blown uterine infection or silent metritis later on. When you have your uterine irrigation set up ready, administering to a dirty cow can take just 2-3 minutes.

Protocol: Place 2 Fresh Cow Boluses through the cervix into the womb. Mix 12 ml of Fresh Start Tincture with 50 -75ml Aloe Vera and 425ml of warm, clean water. CAREFULLY give the cow a uterine irrigation with that mixture. Give an additional 6 ml of First Step Tincture. Procedure can be done twice a day for several days if the infection is severe.

Best to continue administering the First Step Tincture by itself twice a day for 2 – 3 days to promote complete clearing of membranes and infection. Be VERY careful and sensitive when putting in boluses and using a uterine irrigation. Take it slowly and be gentle.

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